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Black Tiger

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 🚨 Read Carefully Before Start To Hunt 🚨

🏁 Forum Challenges #3 : 🥚Coinflip🥚

🌟Hunt :
🔹Win the highest pay out
🔸If there is a tie, the participant with the higher average bet amount (In USD) shall be the Winner
🔹 Minimum Payout requirement 100x
🔸Minimum Level 🔹 4

Starting : Now
End time : 23.59 UTC Time

⚔️ How to Join?

🔸 Make screenshot + paste your bet link + Hashtag #daily_challenges
🔹 To get bet link can check HERE
🔸 Any coin any min bet allowed ( JB /BB Allowed)
🔸 If no screenshot | no bet link | no hashtag = will not counted!!

🏆Reward Prizes 🏆
🥇1st Place....... $7 BCD

🥈2nd Place..... $5 BCD

🥉3rd Place...... $4 BCD

🎖4th Place......$3 BCD

🏅5th Place......$2 BCD

🏵 Winners will be announcing next day after Roll Point

✨ On Going Event ✨

🔹 $4,000 Top Tier Playtech Multiplier Battle!
🔸 $2,500 Prestige Coinflip Challenge #44
🔹 E-sports Show off & Grab 300$ !
🔹 $500,000 Spinomenal's Grand Holiday Tournament
🔸 $162,000 Tournament by Spadegaming!
🔹 Telegram Daily Challenges
🔸Forum Daily Challenges
🔹Discord Daily CHallenges

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#forum Challenges


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🏆 List of winner forum challenge#3🏆


🥇@Unbaeten.        1013x
🥈@jhonncueva.     506x
🥉@99999x.             253x
🎖@SaiM.                  253x

🎖 5th - 10 th
@MasterO_O.      126x





Hello Bc.game Family 💖
How to claim your reward for : Hitcoco | Double Flashdrop | Daily Challenges |Forum Challenges? ???

These steps help us faster to verify.

⚠️ Step by step how to claim :
🔹  Make a screenshot about the announcement that your name is there  (mark your name)
🔸 Join here https://t.me/+Wd27k2MRthE5YmY1
And wait for accepting.( If you accepted and didn't answer for 5 min you will be removed and have to join again)
🔹 Share the screenshot
🔸 Share the win bet link (daily challenges)
🔹 Share your flashdrop (double flashdrop)
🔸 Share UID or Profile link
🔹Wait for a response to get the winning code (1-12 hours)
please be patient

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