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52 cards but some repetitions


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Hello....i've tracked down all cards picked in a single hands and there are some cards that repeat for itself more than 1 time.
For example: any hand should have only 4 K, any for each seed, while i get also 6 sometimes.....same for any other card, you are invited tio verify by yourself punting a very small amount and skipping till the last card, then keep track of picked card.
The game is provably fair for sure, but why and how is possible this to happen?
If the extraction simulate reality this could not be possible....anyone want to clarify?

Example round: https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10SCLE5B1964UR
Got six A, just one 9, five 4 and so on.....this not reflect at all a real life deck set of cards....any offical explanation would be more than welcome!!

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HiLo uses infinite deck of cards. That is mainly the reason why the payout is infinite as well. The 52 cards only applies to Video Poker. I hope this answers your question.

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