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I have a few questions. Can you give me more details? 

The public address you have provided is a Bitcoin address. Did you withdraw winnings from BC to this address?

What do you mean when you say "it finally finished transacting"?

What is preventing you from accessing the funds? Do you not have the keys to the wallet?

I will be able to help you further if you can provide me with more information about the situation.


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iit is where the win ended up it is a bc wallet. After the string on the blockchain of bets.

whats preventing me is its bc games wallet, that those funds should have went to my current account, but are stuck in bc games system that i need to retrieve.


basically it starts with the string of betting from my original bc deposit wallet and ends up there after a string of the bets i made.

pretty much the win showed up as 26 btc on oriental but since I was only betting a few hundred its the amount shown and it was never transferred to my account.

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Hmmm. I am pretty confused. It sounds like you may be misunderstanding the role of the blockchain when it comes to bets placed on BC.

When you deposit crypto you have to send that crypto over the blockchain network, but once the crypto has been credited to your account the bets you place and the subsequent changes to your crypto balance are broadcast to the blockchain. Instead BC keeps track of these changes internally. The blockchain is not involved again until you decide to withdraw. When you withdraw BC sends the crypto over the blockchain network so it can be credited to your external wallet. This is why you do not need to play transaction fees for each bet you place on BC.

Does this clear up any confusion for you?

I have a few more questions about the situation.
1) You say "..the win showed up as 26 btc on oriental but since I was only betting a few hundred its the amount shown and it was never transferred to my account."
           -To confirm, you were betting a few hundred (USD I presume) and you won 26 BTC (approx. value at the time of writing this is $526,000)?

2)Why do you believe that the funds in the BC controlled wallet are funds that were intended for you? I assume you looked at the block explorer in order to come to that conclusion but can you tell me exactly what information lead you to follow those funds to that wallet?

3) Can you provide a screenshot of the bet slip for your win to help clarify the details?

4) Can you provide me with your BC wallet address so I can see this string of transactions that you are describing? This will allow me to confirm the movement of the fund as to ensure there are not any errors being made in the tracking process.

The situation, as you seem describe it, is contrary to the procedures that all major centralized entities operating in the crypto space follow currently. It is quite possible that I am in fact misunderstanding the situation. If you can please respond the my questions (1-4) with as much detail and evidence as possible it would help me get a better understanding of the true nature of your issue.

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