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Best Hyip Script to Develop your Own HYIP Website


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The definition of HYIP is the ‘High Yield Investment Program’, but this definition won’t describe enough about HYIP. In reality, HYIP is a website where you’ll see an option to invest money to get high returns in a very short term. For example, 150% after 3 days. Most HYIPs are Ponzi schemes that pay old investors with the money of new investors.
Today, I'm going to introduce you to some new and unique HYIP Website Script, which will help you to create your own HYIP website in just a few minutes. there are several HYIP script and website providers, almost all come with the same pattern and design, clients or investors are bored to see the same design on every website that's why many HYIP websites cant able to reach their goal. I'm going to tell you some new and unique HYIP Script which seems better and New then others. The compares are below:
1. RockHYIP
Personally, I love this script because some of my websites running with there script. their security systems are awesome. Rockhyip comes with Built-in two templates there are really awesome and unique. The best things I notice, their functions are very useful, they keep useful options on the admin panel. sometimes developers keep a lot of useless options on the script but rockhyip comes with useful options, no useless options are there. you will found it [HERE]
2. Goldcoders
I can say, the father of the HYIP script is goldcoders. since HYIP got popular, goldcoder selling their same script. a lot of templates from various developers have added to there collection but as those templates developed by 3rd party so there are security issues remain. you will found it HERE
3. HexTrade
HexaTrade is listed here because of there color combination. their homepage seems unique to me and their dashboard was awesome. its a complete HYIP package comes with only 69$ with an admin panel. In my eyes its the cheapest HYIP Script ever. you will found it HERE
4. HyipKing
20+ payment gateway, Unlimited manual payment gateways. made with the Latest, most popular PHP Laravel framework. comes with Free installation and setup until you satisfy. built-in plugins, templates, color switcher, SMS & Email notification facility. 70+ Options to maintain your website in efficient ways. you will found it [HERE]
5. OLObank
HYIP in a different way, OLObank is an Online NetBanking PHP Script made with Laravel Framework. its Built to be beautiful, fast, and powerful. OLObank comes with minimum banking features like account transfer, account statements, branches, auto-deposit, and more. setable interest system, weekly, daily, monthly, yearly. Seems like a banking website but comes with HYIP features. you will found it HERE
Also, I found several HYIP Script providers Like pamhyip, kirhyip, echyip, ajhyip, and more, they are also doing good. but some of there UI was difficult to understand, some have a lot of features which not usable or understandable for both USER & Site owner. Some are not user friendly, some come as the nulled version which comes to destroy HYIP owners. Some of those already hacked several times because of there low security.
The main target of HYIP creators (i mean HYIP website Owners) is to run away with the highest possible amount he can collect from the investors. In this collection process, they need to pay existing investors until they collect that fund which is enough to stop the system now.
Thanks for the time...
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