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New Year’s “Throw The Dog A Bone” Contest


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What is BONE? 
BONE is Coco's second favorite Sh*tcoin. Coco’s first favorite was the XMAS coin, but the Christmas season has come to an end. 

BC.Game wants to bring in the new year with the first ever “Throw The Dog A Bone” contest. 

What's the use of BONE?
You could eat it if you want, but it is not advisable. 
Or you can collect BONE coins and win a huge pile of DOGE coins if you are among the top 50 BONE coin holders.


1st- 5th get 10,000 DOGE each 
6th-10th get 1,000 DOGE each
11th -50th get 100 DOGE  each

1,000,000 DOGE for 1st 
100,000 DOGE for 2nd
10,000 DOGE for 3nd
7,777 DOGE for 4th
3,333 DOGE for 5th
1,000 DOGE for 6th-10th
777 DOGE for 11th-20th
333 DOGE for 21st-30th
111 DOGE for 31st-50th

How To Earn BONE Coins: 

①Wager 1 DOGE to Mine 1 BONE Automatically.

Each Doge wagered will be rewarded automatically with 1 BONE coin regardless of the game result. 🦴 Win or lose you will still get your BONE.🦴


Daily BONE 🦴Faucet🦴

1st Day     777 BONE 🦴
2nd Day    888 BONE 🦴
3rd Day     999 BONE 🦴
4th Day   1111 BONE 🦴
5th Day   3333 BONE 🦴
6th Day   7777 BONE 🦴

③Invite Friends

Invite 1 friends to join the campaign and you will get 1000 BONE (Reward up to 10 ppl *1000 BONE per day)
At the same time you can earn DOGE & BONE from your invitee.
For example: Each level invites 100 users per person. Each user's total bet amount is 1,000 DOGE daily. 
Your earnings will be determined thus:
Level A: users amount=100,000
Revenue = 100*1%*25%*25% = 6.25 DOGE+ BONE
Level B: users amount=10,000,000
Revenue = 10,000*1%*25%*10% = 2,500 DOGE+ BONE
Level C users amount=1,000,000,000
your revenue=1,000,000*1%*25%*5% = 125,000 DOGE + BONE
Your total revenue = 127,562.5 DOGE + BONE
What if their total bet amount is 5,000 or 100,000 DOGE everyday? Returns virtually no risk. 

① The campaign will Start at UTC-5 1 Jan 0:00 and end at UTC-5  6 Jan 23:59
② The Daily Reward be sended at UTC-5 12:00 per day
③ The Final Reward will be sent at 7 Jan 00:00 and BONE will be eaten at the same time.
④ Players can not send Coindrops/Rain/Tips using BONE. 
⑤ Any player who attempts to use multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned from any and all collection of winnings and bonuses. 
⑥ Alt Cheaters will be subject to trolling by the community, and we will all make fun of how lame you are. Don’t cheat.  




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Thank you coco .. 

          😊PEACE & LOVE😊

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